My SeneStory was Featured by SeneGence International

My "Why"


Just For The Discount

I was introduced to LipSense in December 2016.  I was intrigued but $55 for lipstick, NO WAY! However, my distributor was posting great videos and showing off beautiful colors. Long lasting lip color seemed like a dream! I decided to host an online party to get a free color. Then I learned about the SeneGence Choice.   There were so many colors I wanted, why not get a discount?

Launch Party

My distributor became my upline and together we hosted my launch party. I sold almost ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of LipSense!! Hmmm, maybe there is something to this. 

And #LipVogue was Born!

Within just a few weeks, I had sold over $3,000 worth of products, enough to win free SeneGence skincare, giving me more to fall in love with. Before long, Platinum Vogue was born & together, with a group of fantastic women a great team is growing and thriving! Maybe you should join too? 

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